About Apheta

Apheta is a Southern California based insurance consulting firm with a strong emphasis in estate planning and risk management. Over the past 18 years, Apheta and its Principals have collaborated with professional advisors to provide innovative planning solutions to ultra high net-worth clients, their families and related entities.

Apheta utilizes a multi-disciplinary team of legal, tax and financial professionals, who analyze, guide and manage each client's unique planning needs. We understand the expectations and personal touch necessary when working with ultra high net-worth families, and have built a team that can provide unparalleled service to this marketplace.

Apheta's approach begins with a detailed understanding of a client's principles, values and long-term objectives. Our professionals then analyze the necessary data to provide relevant direction, management and tailored solutions for clients, which in turn adds tremendous value to our clients.

Apheta has built a reputation by seamlessly collaborating with CPAs, Attorneys and Investment Managers to implement unique, sophisticated solutions. Clients’ desires and best interest remain our core focus, and we continually strive to ensure transparency and coordination between all parties while working to satisfy clients’ needs.

For further information, call us at +1(310)402-2020.